Contour Helmet Camera

Making The Most of a Contour Helmet Camera

Contour Helmet CamersOkay, so you’ve booked your tickets; you’re off on an adventure of a lifetime. There’ll be off-piste snow-boarding in The Rockies. There’ll be kite-surfing in the Caribbean. All you need now is a Contour Helmet Camera to capture all that gnarly action! After all, everyone’s doing it right? Just last week your best mate opened a new youtube channel loaded it up with all those amazing vids from his base-jumping week in Hawaii.

So what are the options and how do you choose an epic helmet camera for your needs? We’ll be looking at the models available, the accessories that go with them and how they might be applied to your sport. We’ll dissect the features and how to get the most from them. And I’ll point you in the direction of some reviews to help you make your decision as well. And there’s lots, seriously lots, of amazing video examples taken with the Contour Helmet Camera so sit back and enjoy!

Incredible Off-Piste Ski Video

Filmed With a Contour Helmet Camera

This incredible footage was filmed on a Contour Helmet Camera. What’s truly remarkable is just how steady it is. Sit back and take the virtual ride of your life!


Eric Hjorleifson Contour POV Whistler April 7th from Eric Hjorleifson on Vimeo.

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