The Famous Drinking Bird Toy

Drinking Bird Toy

Drinking Bird Toy

My stepson received an original drinking bird toy as a stocking stuffer one Christmas, and it was the hit of the party. The Guitar Hero he hinted about for months was abandoned in a corner for hours while our group huddled around the dining table, mesmerized by the dip, dip, dipping bird.

Though it looks like a toy and is often called one, the drinking bird is actually a small, cleverly designed thermodynamic engine. It consists of two glass bulbs joined by a slender glass tube that serves as the bird’s neck. When the head of the bird is moistened, it repeatedly tips over and seems to be drinking from a glass of water.

Because it resembles a toy, the drinking bird appears harmless. However, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind. The glass tube is filled with colored dichloromethane (also called methylene chloride) which can irritate the skin and lungs. However, this is a big improvement over some of the highly flammable substances like trichloromonofluoromethane that were used in earlier models!

Err on the side of caution and keep small children and curious cats at a safe distance when the drinking bird is on display. There is no danger as long as the device remains intact. One should never touch or inhale dichloromethane. Once the water source is removed, the drinking bird will cease dipping and can be put away in a safe place until your next gathering. When I’m putting together unique stocking stuffer ideas, the drinking bird is always on the list.

Drinking Bird Shirt Designs

Who doesn’t love a soft, comfortable T-shirt? These drinky bird designs are available in many styles and colors. You can try different combinations until you create the perfect gift. Click on any item to see what’s available. Pick a size, and you’re all set!

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Henny Youngman
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

Here’s How the Drinking Bird Toy Works

The drinking bird looks like a toy, but it’s actually a small heat engine. Here’s how the device works once the head is moistened.

  • Water evaporates from the bird’s felt-covered head.

  • Evaporation lowers the temperature of the glass head.

  • The drop in temperature causes dichloromethane vapor in the head to condense.

  • The lower temperature and condensation cause the pressure to drop in the head.

  • The pressure differential between the head and base causes liquid to be pushed up from the base.

  • As liquid flows into the head, the bird becomes top heavy and tips over.

  • When the bird tips over, the bottom end of the neck tube rises above the surface of the liquid.

  • A bubble of vapor rises up the tube through this gap, displacing liquid as it goes.

  • Liquid flows back to the bottom bulb, equalizing vapor pressure between the top and bottom bulbs.

  • The weight of the liquid in the bottom bulb brings the bird back to a vertical position.

  • The liquid in the bottom bulb is heated by ambient air, which is a slightly higher temperature than the bird’s head.

When a glass of water is placed so that the beak dips down into it, the bird will continue to absorb water. The dipping cycle will continue as long as there is enough water in the glass to keep the bird’s head wet.

Who Created the Famous Drinking Bird?
The drinking bird was invented by Miles V. Sullivan in 1945. It was patented a year later. Sullivan was a Ph.D. inventor-scientist at Bell labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

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Drinking birds are known by many names, including Magic Drinking Bird, Drinky Bird, and Drinking Lucky Bird. No matter what you call it, the whimsical bird is an unexpected gift that’s guaranteed to grab attention.

Drinking Bird ToyNovelty Classic the Original Drinking BirdDrinking Bird ToyRed Retro Drinking Lucky Bird

Pop Culture Reference
The drinking bird toy was featured in an episode of The Simpsons called “King-Size Homer.” The Simpson patriarch used one to repeatedly press a computer keyboard key. D’oh!

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Drinking Bird Toy

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