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Hello Kitty and Precious Moments got married! Well not really married, but they have collaborated on the cutest Precious Moments line of figurines yet. So now fans of Hello Kitty and Precious Moments can get their craving satisfied in one adorable line of collectible figurines: Hello Kitty Precious Moments figurines.

The most popular one is Hello Kitty as Mermaid; it’s swimming off the shelves. Yes, the Hello Kitty Precious Moments mermaid is highly prized already as are all the other Hello Kitty Precious Moments collectibles. It was genius marketing really, to grab all the collectors of both Hello Kitty and Precious Moments together. Now there’s a whole new collectible craze, Hello Kitty Precious Moments collecting.

So far there are 21 different Hello Kitty Precious Moments figures, and new ones are being added. Some are made in both color combinations, Purple and Pink. I will add more here as they become available.

If you have a Hello Kitty fan on your gift list, you have got it made. Just get any of these cute Hello Kitty Precious Moments and watch your gift recipient smile!

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Image: Hello Kitty Precious Moments Ballerina, available below from Amazon

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Why I Love Hello Kitty and Precious Moments

Why do I love Hello Kitty so much? The short answer: I don’t know. But ever since I saw that cute little kitty I was totally captured by the whimsical creature. She just appeals to the little girl in me I guess. And my granddaughter loves her too which is cool since I get to buy her a lot of cute clothes featuring her cute little face. I’m not alone; she’s captured the hearts of teenagers, little kids, and adult women, all over the globe. They make purses, suitcases, jewelry, sunglasses and even clothing with her visage.  So it’s too late, you can’t stop the kitty now!

And what about Precious Moments? Well if you have children you probably have heard of this company as they put out cute collectibles to celebrate all the most precious moments of any life, thus the name. This is part of the genius of this marriage of collectibles. Many more excuses to get another cute collectible!

Precious Moments Hello Kitty
With Teddy Bears Figurine

The Hello Kitty and Teddy Bears Figurine is already a favorite of the new Precious Moments Hello Kitty line of collectibles. Perfect for a nursery or a teenager either one. How can you resist those Teddy Bears and Hello Kitty?

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty with Teddy Bears Figurine


Precious Moments “Hello Kitty Mermaid” 

Mermaids will always be popular as a collectible, in any form. It probably harkens to a collective uncounscious memory of an archetype somewhere deep in our past.  Just a guess on my part but mermaids are in every art form, all over the world. Maybe that’s why Hello Kitty had to have one in her line up.
Precious Moments Hello Kitty Mermaid is so adorable! Perfect for any Hello Kitty lover, and for Pool Parties! Hello Kitty as Mermaid is the most popular Precious Moments Hello Kitty figurine so far.

 Precious Moments


Hello Kitty Precious Moments  Ballerina Figurine

Precious Moments Hello Kitty Ballerina Figurine is destined to become an enduring and expensive collectible. If you are a collector, better grab this one right away. Ballerina collectibles always go up in value. My granddaughter already told me she wants this one!

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Ballerina Figurine


Hello Kitty Precious Moments Love You Figurine

For any bride who loves Hello Kitty or Precious Moments either one, this will be a hit, trust me! What a cute gift for any Hello Kitty loving bride for her bridal shower or bachelorette party! Adorable just as a collectible or as a visualization tool!

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Love You with Pink Heart Porcelain Mini Figurine



Precious Moments Hello Kitty and Mimmy Holding Heart Figurine

Precious Moments Hello Kitty and Mimmy is just adorable to use as a Wedding centerpiece or the cake topping at one of the Wedding parties too. You would be amazed at the number of grown women who love Hello Kitty and want a Hello Kitty themed wedding. And if they can’t talk their groom into one, they at least want to have her at one of their bridal parties!

 Precious Moments Helo Kitty and Mimmy Holding Heart Figurine


More Hello Kitty Precious Moments

Four of the most popular figurines!  So cute! I love the tricycle one and would put it in my baby boy’s nursery! 

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty on Tricycle Figurine Precious Moments Hello Kitty with Balloon Figurine Precious Moments Blue Hello Kitty with Flower Figurine Precious Moments Hello Kitty Best Friends with Flowers Porcelain Mini Figurine


Precious Moments Red Hello Kitty With Flower 

 Precious Moments Red Hello Kitty with Flower Figurine


Precious Moments Hello Kitty
Train Car Figurines Series

The Hello Kitty Precious Moments Car train series is already gathering steam and many more train cars are planned. Don’t miss out on this fun line of Hello Kitty collectibles.  Number 1 has already sold out!

Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car
Number 2 Figurine

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car Number 2 Figurine


Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car
Number 3 Figurine

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car Number 3 Figurine


Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car
Number 4 Figurine

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car Number 4 Figurine


Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car
Number 5 Figurine

 Precious Moments Hello Kitty Train Car Number 5 Figurine


Why is Hello Kitty So Popular?
All About the Cute Little Kitty

Per official character profiles for Hello Kitty, her full name is Kitty White and she was born in the suburbs of London, England on November 1. Her height is described as five apples and her weight as three apples. She is portrayed as a bright and kind-hearted girl, very close to her twin sister Mimmy.  Kitty White is good at baking cookies and loves Mama’s homemade apple pie. She likes to collect cute things and her favorite subjects in school are English, music, and art.

Hello Kitty is portrayed surrounded by a large family who all possess the surname ‘White.’ Her twin sister Mimmy is described as “shy and very girly,” interested in sewing and dreaming of marriage. While Hello Kitty wears a red bow on her left ear, Mimmy wears a yellow one on the right. Their Papa, George, is described as dependable, humorous but also absent-minded. Mama, Mary, is portrayed as a good cook who loves doing housework. Grandpa Anthony likes to tell stories and Grandma Margaret likes sewing.

Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty’s childhood friend. His character profile describes him as born in London on May 3 with the real name Daniel Starr. He travelled with his parents and was away from Hello Kitty for a long time. He is portrayed as fashionable and sensitive, good at dancing and playing the piano.  Daniel has an interest in photography and dreams of being a celebrity. Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty’s pet, a white Persian. She is described as docile, obedient and fond of shiny things. Her necklace holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewelry box. Hello Kitty also has a pet hamster named Sugar, who was a gift from Dear Daniel.
~excerpted from Hello Kitty at Wikipedia

What About Precious Moments?
A Little History

Illustrator Sam Butcher, together with his partner Bill Biel, sold greeting cards at Christian book fairs under the company name of Jonathan and David. They partnered with Enesco, Corp. to sell giftware. In 1991, they decided to make the first Precious Moments cartoon movies. In 1991, they made Christmas movie; Precious Moments Timmy’s Gift. In 1993; they made another Christmas movie, Precious Moments Timmy’s Special Delivery. In 1994; they made an Easter movie, Precious Moments Simon the Lamb.

In 1995; they made a Thanksgiving movie, Precious Moments Little Sparrow. And also 1995 they made two last Precious Moments movies. In 1995; they made last cartoon movie about Timmy the Angel, Precious Moments Who’s Who at the Zoo? And 1995 they made the last Precious Moments movie, Precious Moments The Story of Joseph, a bible story.

In 2004, PMI and Enesco decided to end the licensing contract. The early move was due to falling sales by Enesco. In addition to its original licensing duties, PMI’s functions became product design, marketing, warehousing, and distribution.
~excerpted from Precious Moments at Wikipedia

Hello Kitty Photos from Singapore
A Friend Sent These to Me from Singapore!

A friend of mine who knows how much I love Hello Kitty sent me these photos when he visited Singapore and the city was hosting a Hello Kitty conference! That is so funny to me, a conference based on a fictional character. Kind of like if there were a Mickey Mouse convention. Hilarious!

Hello Kitty Precious Moments

Hello Kitty Precious Moments

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