Music for Pets~Keep them Calm When You’re Gone

 Keep Your Pets Calm While You Are Away!

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The idea of special music for pets might seem a little strange, but It turns out that music really does have charms to soothe the savage beast…or at least the little beasts known as your pets.

Studies show that they respond positively to classical music, especially the music of Bach!

Even better news for owners of pets that are anxious, or become anxious when left at home, is that the right sort of classical music will help them feel reassured and less stressful in your absence.

This helps prevent destructive chewing and distress in your pets. I use this method and it works! My 2 dogs went from chewing their own tails and destructive chewing to complete calmness once I got them music for while I’m away.

A few companies specialize in producing soothing music for pets. I listen to it myself, and I think it is calming for humans too.

Here are some CD’s that you will both enjoy!

Music to Calm and Reassure Your Dog

Through a Dog’s Ear
Music for Your Dogs

No more house destruction, Just calm and quiet! This the best selling CD of soothing sounds for dogs for a reason. Dog tested and approved! No more torn up pillows and spilled trashcans!

Through a Dog's EarThrough a Dog’s Ear

I have all of the CD’s here. Don’t want the poor dogs to get bored.

DVD For Dogs : While You Are Gone
Classical Music For Dogs: Calming Pet Music

Music Dogs Love: While You Are GoneMusic Dogs Love: While You Are Gone


More Dog Calming Music

 Calming Music for Dogs The Divinity of Dogs- Music to Calm Dogs and the People Who Love Them

Naturally Calm and Comfort Dogs and Cats
Music For Pets

 Calming Music for Pets: Gentle Songs to Relax and Calm Down Your Pet Cat or Dog

Does Your Dog Understand Cats?
Humorous Pet Poster

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Music to Calm and Reassure Your Cat

Music Cats Love
While You Are Gone

Keep your cats calm while you’re away! I have this CD too. Guess what? The dogs love it. But I have little dogs, so maybe it makes a difference. (I don’t think so.)

Music Cats Love: While You Are GoneMusic Cats Love: While You Are Gone

More Music to Calm Your Cats
Cats Love Classical Music

I have heard all of these beautiful classical music CD’s and they are all really great. Any one would do really. It just depends on if your have a preference for certain pieces of Music.

 Music for Cats – Calming soothing sound healing music that cats love Through a Cat’s Ear, Volume 1: Music for Calming Relaxing Music for Cats – and Their Owners

Adopt a Pet!
There are Too Many Pets Without Homes

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