Wood Rocking Horses~Classic Toys for Toddlers!

 Wood Rocking Horse~Classic Children’s Toy!


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I think every family with children probably has had a Wood Rocking Horse at one time or another. Many families keep theirs long after the last child is gone too. They are nice accessories that fit into many decors.

Some toys are just classic, and Rocking Horses are definitely on that list.

One of the first toys given to toddlers after they can walk is likely to be some sort of ride on toy, and before there were cars, that ride on toy was a horse, usually a rocking horse!

Riding in and on toys is endlessly fascinating to most toddlers and one of the first things they seek after walking. And we all know babies and toddlers love to rock, so a rocking horse satisfies all their rocking and riding instincts at once!

Nowadays there are a dizzying amount of rocking horse choices, from wood, to plush, to spring. I remember we had a spring one around for years and years until the last kid was through riding. They loved that Palomino Spring rocking horse but it did take up a bit of space, so I was glad when they outgrew it.

Here are some of my favorite Wood Rocking Horses for you to consider for your own children.

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Most Popular Wood Rocking Horses

Wood rocking horses are considered a traditional Christmas toy gift and a true classic children’s toy. After all, horses were here long before cars, and people have always made replicas of them to give their children.

Here I have highlighted the most popular wood rocking horses right now. I am spotlighting my personal favorite one that reminds me of the one my own children had and which we kept around for years. Enjoy!

Amish Made Wooden Rocking Horse

Top Wood Rocking Horse

 AmishMade Wooden Rocking Horse

One of the Best Wood Rocking Horses

Sturdy wood construction
Made with long runners to avoid tipping over
The quality and value for your money is fantastic!
Product received well packed and undamaged.
Arrives already assembled!

The Amish Made Wood Rocking Horse just ROCKS!

Rocking Horse Card
Rocking Horse Art

Top Wood Rocking Horses

 Fantasy Fields – Princess & Frog Thematic Wooden Rocking Horse Imagination Inspiring Hand Painted Details Non-Toxic, Lead Free Water-based Paint Levels of Discovery Kiddie-Ups Princess Rocking Horse Plan Toy Palomino Hape Rock and Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse Postage

Wood Rocking Horses


Classic Wood Rocking Horse

 PlanToys Neo-Classic Rocking Horse

Wood Rocking Horses You Can Bid On

Lowest Prices on Wood Rocking Horses

eBay still has fabulous deals on Rocking Horses and everything else too. You can even browse by “buy now only” and not have to worry about bidding. But if you do bid, you might get a wonderful price on a beautiful gently used rocking horse! eBay is so easy to use too. You can set it so that it will bid for you and never go above your set price. Get a bargain Rocking Horse on eBay.

Wood Rocking Horse

Wooden Rocking Horse


Another Rocking Horse Resource

Horseshubs is a cool place to find all kinds of rocking horses so if you haven’t seen one yet that inspires you, go ahead and check them out! Great prices and friendly people.

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